Future Perfect- And The Winner Is……..

Beautiful/Decay and Prius Projects are proud to present the winner of the Future Perfect project. It was an extremely tough call but after many days of disscussion we are proud to announce Corey Thompson as the grand prize winner! Not only will Corey get a Beautiful/Decay care package valued at $300 from Beautiful/Decay but he will also have an exclusive interview in Beautiful/Decay Book: 6.

We had originally planned on featuring 70 runner-ups in book:6 but having received so many amazing contributions we’ve decided to increase the artist count to 100! Each runner up will have their submissions featured in the book, creating the ultimate creative book filled with visions of a better tomorrow. We can’t release the names of the runner ups just yet but stay tuned for more news as Book: 6 develops!

P.S. To reserve your copy of Book: 6 make sure to subscribe! It is the only way to gaurantee yourself a copy before it sells out.

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