Awesome Video Of The Day- Woodkid

Wow the cinematography, costumes, animals, and effects in Woodkid’s Iron video is epic! Watch the full video after the jump!

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Folkert De Jong: Operation Harmony

Folkert De Jong is hands down one of my absolute sculptors working today. So much so that in 2008 we did an exclusive interview with him and put him on the cover of Beautiful/Decay Issue: V. Since then Folkert has gone on to create an impressive body of work, each one outdoing the next. Opening April 1st Fokert is back at it again with a solo show at James Cohan Gallery in NYC showing a completely new body of work. His work is refined, grotesque, experimental and takes risks. In other words it’s amazing. This is one of the rare times that I wish I lived in NY so if you’re anywhere near the big apple  head down to Folkert’s opening and report back to me. More images below from the centerpiece of the show titled Operation Harmony after the jump.

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Markus Oehlen Is Radioactive

Markus Oehlen’s saturated paintings go back and forth between figuration and abstraction to show us a view into an apocalyptic,black light lit, radioactive future.

Awesome Video Of The Day: ZYKLUS I

Amazing stop motion of nature (with a lil help from some animators) at work. This must be what the cycle of life looks like. Watch the full video after the jump.

Benjamin King Is Into The Wild

Immediacy and quick brush work are the main ingredients in Benjamin King’s loose landscapes.

▲L N Y▲’s Hatched World

I’ve said it a million times but  I’m always blown away by the talented artists we have in the Beautiful/Decay community. I discovered Alnya’s work while going through the B/D Creative Pic Pool on Flickr and fell in love with the rich textures and shadow Alnya creates with hatching and stippling. This work is serious!!!

Kimberly Clark’s Severed Head

Artist collective Kimberly Clark present the hedonistic but also deeply disturbing image of an exaggerated nightlife, on the borderline of excess. Scenes from parties, static images or movements in suspension and representations of blissfulness, provocation, glamour, desolation, boredom, stimulation, the concentrated remains of a nightlong euphoria jumbled together with cosmetics (empty Marlboro packets, bottles and cans of beer, lipstick, etc), compose a kind of group portrait (or self-portrait?) with explicit signs of psychological fluctuation. At the centre is always the female figure, trendy attractive, narcissistic and, at the same time, a live-size simulacrum, juxtaposing stereotypes of the female identity with shocking views of the night and mounds of consumer rubbish.-Thanos Stathopoulos