Vidal Sassoon- How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors

Last night I went to see Vidal Sassoon, How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors at my local art house movie theater. Since it was a Sunday night we were expecting to have the theater mostly to ourselves but the place was buzzing with hundreds of hair dressers from all over Southern California. It was an amazing scene. Everyone in the theater knew one another and were busy chatting away and complementing each other on what they were wearing and of course their hairstyles. I have to admit that I was the odd man out since I’m not a hairdresser, don’t know much about Vidal Sassoon other than seeing his hair care products in stores. Nevertheless I am a documentary junkie so I strapped myself into my seat and prepared myself for 1.5 hours of nothing but hair talk.

Vidal came from humble beginnings, growing up in London orphanages for most of his youth. Without a college education, a father, and any financial support he managed to take the hardships of life and turn them into motivation for getting ahead. Not being content with being average, he set out to revolutionize Hairdressing. Vidal is by far the most groundbreaking and famous hairdresser in the world. He has reinvented the way hairdressing industry not only by creating bold new hairstyles inspired by architecture but also by changing the way hair salons looked, creating the worlds most prestigious hairdressing academies, and starting the first and most well known haircare line launched by a hairdresser. If these achievements aren’t enough Vidal also is a best selling author, one of the first people to promote yoga and pilates in the US, and hosted a wildly successful TV show with over 200 episodes. More than a documentary for the hairdressing industry, Vidal Sassoon is an inspiring story that illustrates what one person can achieve with conviction, ingenuity, and ambition. Watch the official trailer for Vidal Sassoon after the jump.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Astro Radar Intergalactic Zone Orbital Nebula Aeroprobe

This has to be my new anthem for waking up on Sunday mornings. What we have here is an animated, sci-fi hip-hop odyssey through the state of Arizona. It’s 100% handmade with colored pencils, pens & paper and totally wacky! Video by Sean Christensen, Music by Star Beav & Erocc’n (make sure to read the titles of the songs on the itunes page…trust me.) Watch the full video after the jump.

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Greg Parma Smith Makes Me Feel Weird

Greg Parma Smith’s paintings give me an uneasy feeling. The first time I came across his site I couldn’t tell if I loved or hated the work.  The bizarre mime masks, snake-like textures, photo realist painting, retro 80’s faux brush splatters, and mundane subject matter make me scratch my head in confusion. Even his website is wacky with a woodgrain pallete floating behind his name.  I’ve put off posting his work for several weeks but I’m giving the work my official thumbs up. This work is just too weird to simply be decorative paint slinging. What do you think?

Chris Gentile

Chris Gentile currently has a show of fantastic photos up at Jeff Bailey Gallery. The show is up until March 12th so if you are in the NYC area make sure to stop by and check it out.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Meta

Jurriën Boogert’s Graduation thesis video Meta is a suspenseful masterpiece! It’s not everyday that a 2:16 minute video will put you on the edge of your seat. Watch the video after the jump.