A Day In Decay: Wavves & Best Coast

Last night I surprised the wife by taking her to the Wavves & Best Coast show at the Music Box here in LA. I have to admit that the main reason we went was to see Best Coast but Wavves stole the show with one of the best live performances I’ve seen in a while. You may be asking yourself “I wonder if they had pyrotechnics,mcrazy costumes, or a kick ass light show?” The answer is No. There act was simple. Get the 3 members on stage, ┬áplay as fast and as hard as you can, and don’t give a fuck. It’s a simple formula that is highly underrated in this age of costume changes and theatrics. Wavves killed every last song like their lives depended on it. They thrashed around, threw alien shaped beach balls and silly string at the crowd, and banged their heads like crazy rock muppets long overdue for a haircut. ┬áTheir performance was a testament of how fun it is to be young&free and reminded me to fight the urge of turning into a crabby and cranky old man.

Now onto Best Coast‘s performance. I’ve been listening to the Best Coast album on repeat since it first came out. Every time I listen to them I remember how much I love living in sunny Los Angeles where people are free to wear shorts year round, have plenty of street parking, and can see mountains, trees, grass, and the sky without having to pay toll fees on the highway. Unfortunately Best Coast didn’t start their show on the right foot. The sound was completely flat for the first 1/2 of the show. Now I know that this is partially due to the bands general lo-fi garage rock sound but somebody at the Music box was fucking up big time. There was tons of feedback and the instruments completely drowned out the vocals. Luckily half way through the show the sound guy woke up from his stoner nap and turned up the vocals right in the middle of a song! There’s nothing worse than paying $30 to see a band and having them sound like shit because of a lazy sound guy. I hope the Music Box fires this asshole as he ruined 1/2 of the Best Coast performance. All in all Best Coast was good live. I’d be curious to see what they sound like in another situation but I’d be hesitant to throw down $30 again.

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