A Day In Decay- What’s In The Mail Box

Everytime we go to the mailbox a new treasure awaits. Usually it’s an invitation from a gallery, or postcards promoting an illustrator or a discount card for Staples ( I love office supplies!). However every once in a while i’ll get something that catches my eye.  Mograg Magazine (pictured above) is a themed magazine from Tokyo. It’s almost all in Japanese but from what I can tell they select a different theme for each issue (like b/d) and feature artists working in a wide variety of media. It leans heavy on the illustration side of things but there’s some good stuff inside.

Inside spread of Mograg

I thought this was a fun mailer Felipe Pereira Goncalves sent out to promote his painting portfolio. It’s made out of laser cut wood that opens up into a skull butterfly shape with trippy patterns similar to those found in his work.

Last but not least we got a cool zine published by Fast Weapons filled to the rim with black and white drawings by Marie Koetje .

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