Greg Parma Smith Makes Me Feel Weird

Greg Parma Smith’s paintings give me an uneasy feeling. The first time I came across his site I couldn’t tell if I loved or hated the work.  The bizarre mime masks, snake-like textures, photo realist painting, retro 80’s faux brush splatters, and mundane subject matter make me scratch my head in confusion. Even his website is wacky with a woodgrain pallete floating behind his name.  I’ve put off posting his work for several weeks but I’m giving the work my official thumbs up. This work is just too weird to simply be decorative paint slinging. What do you think?

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  • cosmic soul death disco

    I don’t know what to say, amir. I really don’t know

  • I Love it. But I agree, I’m not sure if the work and website are a joke, an elaborate prank. It seems to calm and awkward, either way its just great.

  • I totally want the cheese pic hanging in my house. #fattiesunite