Wilson McLean’s Jazz Portraits

I usually don’t post work like this but there’s something going on in Wilson McLean’s paintings of Jazz musicians and portraits that caught my eye. Maybe it’s the surprise of seeing a more traditional illustrative painting style mixed with hommages to Francis Bacon and David Hockney.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Warm Signals

The description of this video says “A short abstract movie dealing with nature and maritime creatures, metamorphosis and transformation-connecting art and science” but all I keep thinking of while I watch this is “wow this is what happens when we’re conceived.” Anyone with me?
Video by Silja

Yago Hortal’s Fluid Paint

Sometimes thick juicy paint, photoshop quality gradients, and fluid abstractions are all you need in art. Such is the case with Yago Hortal’s work.

Johannes VanDerBeek’s Hippie Ghosts and Tin Can Waterfalls

Johannes VanDerBeek doesn’t depend on high production or heavy handed techniques to create his work. Instead he creates playful sculptures with simple materials like aluminum mesh, tin cans, and some well placed tie dye wizardry. The above piece entitled Hippie Ghost has to be one of the best sculptures i’ve seen all year.

I Use Comic Sans

Bráulio Amado, better known as I Use Comic Sans is a Portugese designer who has a thing for playful typography, bright colors, and hand drawn illustrations. Check out his work and see his plans to take the design world by storm one Comic Sans logo at a time.