Awesome Video Of The Day: Italo Romano Is My Hero!

Italo Romano is no average skateboarder. He skates better than most people I know and doesn’t sweat the small stuff like not having legs. After watching the above video I felt like a fat, lazy pessimist who see’s the world as a half empty cup. Make sure to watch this video next time you’re complaining about how tough you have it, how things feel impossible, or when you want to give up. Thanks Italo for showing us that anything is possible and that giving up is the easy way out!

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Chris Burnett

CalArts seems to always churn out great designers. Chris Burnett is no exception. His portfolio is full of work that lives and dies by the grid but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Wayne Gilbert’s Human Remains Paintings

Wayne Gilbert doesn’t just paint your average minimal iconic paintings? His painting process involves mixed REAL human remains into his work. I’m not sure if he’s visiting the local funeral home to pick up a bag of dust or taking bones and pulverizing them to mix into paint but he definitely gets the “creepiest art material” award for 2011. Check out the rest of his work after the jump.

Sara Naim’s Photographs Of Sound

Wondering what sound looks like? So did Sara Naim when she set off to translate sound into photographic images. The result is a body of work titled Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata. In Sara’s series, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s symphony vibrates through milk.

Beethoven composed this piece in the early 1800’s for his blind pupil and lover, Giuletta Gucciardi. Gucciardi said to Beethoven that she wished she could see the moonlight. Beethoven then composed a piece about the moonlight’s reflection off Austria’s Lake Lucerne, called Moonlight Sonata.

More images of this series after the jump.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Lykke Li- Untitled

I love this new video of Lykke Li trapped on an island, decked out in 5 inch heels, and stabbing at the sand with various knives. I have no idea what this is about but going along for the ride. It’s sexy, weird, dramatic, epic, and has a dash of goofiness (check out the knife play towards the end. Full video after the jump.

Beautiful/Decay Book 5 Sneak Peak- Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen! The latest issue of Beautiful/Decay is upon us! Sent to the printers in the last weeks, there will be only 1000 copies produced (all of which are ad-free) and only subscribers will receive their copy before it ships out to stores. You also save 33% by subscribing versus going to the newsstand (plus you don’t have to go past your mailbox to get it!). Subscribe today and secure your newest addition to the Beautiful/Decay series.

To get you ready for the release of Book 5 dust off your tablets and fire up your copy of Photoshop because today we continue the contest to give away a free copy of Beautiful/Decay Book: 5 to the fastest gun in the wild west. Each Tuesday for the next 3 weeks we are going to be releasing a new piece of Beautiful/Decay cover to get you guys ready for the upcoming issue. The rules are simple: Be the first person to piece together the cover of the Book:5 and email the completed image to [email protected], and your speed of hand will be rewarded with a free copy of the book you just solved. In case you are just tuning in, be sure to check out the B/D blog for the previous missing pieces. So wrangle up your magic lassos and get busy winning!


As with most emerging artists we first posted Von’s work years ago. Since then he’s been creating a great body of work, collaborating with some of the best brands in the world. His use of traditional drawing techniques mixed with digital wizardry keeps you guessing about what is hand drawn and what is manipulated in each piece. We’ve included some close ups of a few pieces after the jump. See if you can figure it out.

Ziska’s Icelandic Pyramids

I’ve always wanted to head out to Iceland to discover new art, design, and stalk Bjork. Now I can also head over there to check out Ziska’s Pyramid paintings.