Hellen Jo

San Francisco based illustrator Hellen Jo creates comic inspired illustrations with watercolor. Really digging her work!

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Tonny Furia Is Free Form

I’m loving these free form, 80’s inspired  illustrations by Tonny Furia. They don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to have a good time!

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Paul Brainard’s Healthy Libido

Paul Brainard’s got a healthy libido, there’s no doubting that.   He mixes it up with junk food, memento mori, geometric abstraction and political anger to create work that seduces and repels.  Dredging into the murky area of what the French psychologist Jacques Lacan called “desire;” defined as: what you want after you’ve got everything you need.  Cue the Rolling Stones, I can’t get no (guitar riff) satisfaction.  Brainard is bad mofo with a pencil, after the jump there’s some tasty drawings.  You can see Paul’s work in SF at Guerrero Gallery, and in NYC at Allegra LaViola for the upcoming group show Pornucopia, which is running from Feb 4th to March 11th.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Dels Shapeshift

Shapeshift along with Dels in this fun video that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

John Petrenko’s Manufactured BMX Wilderness

John Petrenko’s Manufactured Wilderness focuses on BMX and mountain biking trails that are scattered throughout America.He re-interprets the land; singling out the human-made elements such as the ramps, trail markers, and new manifestations in its terrain. With the absence of people, these scenes depict the containment and isolation of the environment’s organized and chaotic design.

Mudchicken Loves To Smoke

Seattle based artist Vincent Pacheco also known as “Mudchicken” creates beautiful mixed media collages and paintings. These cigarette paintings are hilarious. I feel the cancer coming on just by looking at them.

Ted Sabarese

Artist Ted Sabarese is a jack of all trades. He is a graphic designer, fiction writer, and photographer. The series pictured above is amazing!