Battle of the Brush in Bryant Park

Bryant Park, located about a block East of Times Square in Manhattan, has been home to a several fun contemporary/public art projects recently.  Right now, they’re hosting the “Battle of the Brush.”  Which happens to include alumni of the Beautiful/Decay Studio Visits: Alison Blickle and Tom Sanford.   It’s based around the idea of a civil war reenactment, except instead of the North and South, it’s between abstraction and figuration.  Bryant Park was a campground for soldiers during the Civil War, so that’s where the whole Civil War thing comes in.  Personally, I just like the paintings…  It’s coming down this Wednesday, Feb 2nd, so get over there asap.   The show was curated by Corporate Art Solutions.

Alison Blickle, Admonition for Travelers, Oil on Canvas, 2010

Tom Sanford, Perkus Tooth, Oil on Panel, 2010-11

Patricia Treib, Armless Sleeve, Oil on Canvas, 2010

Eric White, The One, Oil on Canvas, 2004

Anoka Faruqee, Freehand Fade to Gray Green Ground, Acrylic on Linen, 2007

Nicola Verlato, IF, Oil on Panel, 2010

Nicola Verlato, IF, Oil on Panel, 2010

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