Dan Estabrook’s Lost Aesthetic


Digital photography has advanced the medium for well over a decade, with new innovations breaking into tech-savvy genres that allow for unique work to progress and doors to be opened. However, contemporary photographers such as Dan Estabrook are looking back 200 years to the very first steps photography took as an artform, and bringing back the lost aesthetic from two centuries of happy accidents. More after the cut!

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Dan at an albumen workshop somewhere in 2010 at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Jacksonville, FL). Not only was I treated to a wonderful world of egg-white fueled madness but also an amazing lecture on the direction contemporary photography is heading, what young artists should aspire towards, and a new perspective on creating work. Dan is currently the visting artist at the brand new MFA program at Lesley’s  The Art Institute of Boston,  the brainchild of 19th-century process master Christopher James. These photographs show the testament of years of progress with a unique visual narrative that pushes past the tradition of portraiture and evokes the deeper sense of the evocative self within.

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