Awesome Video Of The Day: Crysteena

I thought that this video by Mille was appropriate to post since Tron Legacy is currently in movie theaters. Enjoy!

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B/D Best of 2010 – Sarah Palmer


When looking at the photographs of Sarah Palmer you can’t help but notice the playfulness with light and colors. I find her body of work from the series, “The Riddle of Lumen”, quite interesting, and although clearly documenting an urban landscape, I also find it quite mystical. As if unfolding an urban exploration of a city, or finding a hidden gem in plain view. At least when I look at her work, it almost seems to portray and unidentifiable sentimentalism of the unknown urban setting depicted. It plays quite well with the colors and spacial composition in the photographs.

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B/D Best of 2010 – Sara Cwynar

sara cwynar paranoiaFeel free to blame Canada for the fun artwork of Toronto-based photographer Sara Cwynar.  The above image is a ‘fictional manifestation of paranoia’.  The cluttered composition and mischievous raccoon makes me a bit paranoid, even though I enjoy it.  Sara was even featured in The New York Times magazine, and she’s still in school!  You can also see Sara’s work on her Tumblr page.

B/D Best of 2010 – Kandace Wilson: living canvas photography project

Elyse painting Max

Elyse painting Max

I don’t particularly consider myself an artist and certainly not a painter. But last week, I had the opportunity to be both when photographer & fashion designer Kandace Wilson invited me to participate as a collaborator in her ongoing horse painting project. Kandace grew up at the track, always around horses -the  underlying inspiration behind building this body of work. The end products are a portfolio of stellar images of the painted horse, textiles created from the painted imagery, and fashion designs using those textiles. There were a host of constraints and challenges in the process that make the experience one-of-a-kind: time is your biggest challenge as you’re working with a large furry animal that gets bored quickly and requires both entertainment and breaks; the fur, in both color and texture provides a challenging canvas to work on; working on location requires a certain degree of spontaneity and creativity… but beyond the challenges came some sweet and unexpected rewards both in the finished product that begins to take on a living, breathing life of its own, and in the experience of working with this majestic animal. Kandace continues to search for, and looks forward to connecting with willing participants, artists (and horses) of any variety who would be interested in future horse-painting collaborations.

CAPiTA Super Corporation X Skinner

If you follow B/D on a regular basis you know we’ve been long time fans of Skinner and his grotesque and monstrous world of zombie vikings, heavy metal soldiers, and gnarly warriors looking to rage on the closest village of innocent soft rock listening peasants. We’ve featured Skinner in Book 3 and countless times on our blog but our minds were completely blown when we stumbled across his latest collaboration with one of  our favorite snowboard brands, CAPiTA Super Corporation! Not only are CAPiTA boards some of the best on the market but they feature some of the most brutal graphics available. Needless to say that if you’re part of the Cult of Decay you need to get rid of that tacky neon board from the 80’s and slash n’ burn in style with CAPiTA & Skinner.

If you’re still not convinced just head over to the CAPiTA site to check out some of the other boards that Skinner designed along the rest of CAPiTA’s range. Even if you’ve never snowboarded in your life you’ll love CAPiTA’s  art direction as every page of their site is a spaced out, psychedelic, visual mind explosion- from the zombie astronaut team page , to the motion page where you can watch the CAPiTA team shred, kill, and destroy everything in its path. CAPiTA is definitely a kindred spirit of the Cult of Decay, if B/D were to start a snowboard company CAPiTA is what it would look like.

B/D Best of 2010 – Emma Hack


Painter and sculptor Emma Hack‘s collection, “Wallpaper,” is a series of meticulously painted models made to blend in with the designs behind them – true wallflowers! Hack must have been incredibly patient when working on canvases that move and breathe; her work is so precise, if you blur your vision, the models effortlessly become part of the wallpaper.

Pet Volcano

Artist Nelly Ben Hayoun’s The Other Volcano tries to question the domestication of nature for entertainment purposes (not your middle school baby egg in this case): “How would you deal with a live volcano in the middle of your living room? Would you try to destroy it? Would you just disconnect it from the mains? Would you be more popular because you share your life with a volcano? Would you invite people to see it, and switch it on at the end of the meal to create a ‘surprising’ effect?” Beware, the pet will sit for a couple weeks in select volunteers’ living rooms.