B/D Best of 2010: Manuel de révolte au travail


The brilliant aspect about instructional illustrations is that they speak for themselves (don’t miss the story in its ordered entirety by clicking on Read More below). But if you’re further wondering what this little beauty was intended for, it comes to us thanks to Packard Jennings and the Centennial Society who describes this as a “small, sixteen-page pamphlet… produced to put inside the postage-paid, business-reply envelopes that come with junk mail offers. Every envelope collected is stuffed with the pamphlet and mailed back to its original company.” Feel like participating in some subtle revolts of your own? I would recommend checking out their participate link!

Manuel-revolution-bureau-01 Manuel-revolution-bureau-02 Manuel-revolution-bureau-03 Manuel-revolution-bureau-04 Manuel-revolution-bureau-05 Manuel-revolution-bureau-06 Manuel-revolution-bureau-07 Manuel-revolution-bureau-08 Manuel-revolution-bureau-09 Manuel-revolution-bureau-10 Manuel-revolution-bureau-11 Manuel-revolution-bureau-12 Manuel-revolution-bureau-13 Manuel-revolution-bureau-14 Manuel-revolution-bureau-15 Manuel-revolution-bureau-16

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