CAPiTA Super Corporation X Skinner

If you follow B/D on a regular basis you know we’ve been long time fans of Skinner and his grotesque and monstrous world of zombie vikings, heavy metal soldiers, and gnarly warriors looking to rage on the closest village of innocent soft rock listening peasants. We’ve featured Skinner in Book 3 and countless times on our blog but our minds were completely blown when we stumbled across his latest collaboration with one of  our favorite snowboard brands, CAPiTA Super Corporation! Not only are CAPiTA boards some of the best on the market but they feature some of the most brutal graphics available. Needless to say that if you’re part of the Cult of Decay you need to get rid of that tacky neon board from the 80’s and slash n’ burn in style with CAPiTA & Skinner.

If you’re still not convinced just head over to the CAPiTA site to check out some of the other boards that Skinner designed along the rest of CAPiTA’s range. Even if you’ve never snowboarded in your life you’ll love CAPiTA’s  art direction as every page of their site is a spaced out, psychedelic, visual mind explosion- from the zombie astronaut team page , to the motion page where you can watch the CAPiTA team shred, kill, and destroy everything in its path. CAPiTA is definitely a kindred spirit of the Cult of Decay, if B/D were to start a snowboard company CAPiTA is what it would look like.

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