Michael Anderson’s Street Palette

When Michael Anderson says that the “street is my palette,” he actually means it.  It’s not a metaphor.  Anderson’s practice, which Beautiful/Decay detailed in a studio visit over the summer, involves snatching up posters from the street at night.  Anderson has collected posters all over the globe, but lives in Harlem, and brings the energy of that place into his work.  His current show, The Street is My Palette, up at Claire Oliver in Chelsea until December 30th is a virtuoso exhibition of collage with the flair, rhythm, and charisma of the street.

Michael regaling some friends, on the sidewalk outside Claire Oliver, at the opening.

This blue collage, Blue Abstract, is 8 x 8 feet, to give you a sense of the scale.  This blue is familiar to New Yorkers, ’cause of the Chase Bank…

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  • Tom

    BEST SHOW IN CHELSEA – congratulations Michael!