Kimiaki Yaegashi’s Sexual Surrealism

We found Tokyo based illustrator, Kimiaki Yaegashi, on our B/D Flickr Pool and I have to say what a find! Kimiaki’s electrifying illustrations of sexual, surreal interactions between beautiful women, men, animals, and a chubby little girl is amazing. Her 3D, sexual, and wonderfully off-center styled would make a killer┬ábusiness card design. We are always on the search for amazing artists, join in on the B/D Flickr Pool and you might find yourself featured on the blog as well.

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  • kimiaki Yaegashi’s works are amazing!! and what u called a chubby little girl is actually (kintaro)..he is not a girl, maybe he is a bit chubby tho, he is after all a well fed samurai.He is a powerful Japanese folk hero. He Can be called, golden boy. There is also Japanese candy maid with his image on