Melissa Loop’s Utopia

Melissa Loop‘s installation and illustrations pieces are full of colorful explosion!

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Kimiaki Yaegashi’s Sexual Surrealism

We found Tokyo based illustrator, Kimiaki Yaegashi, on our B/D Flickr Pool and I have to say what a find! Kimiaki’s electrifying illustrations of sexual, surreal interactions between beautiful women, men, animals, and a chubby little girl is amazing. Her 3D, sexual, and wonderfully off-center styled would make a killer business card design. We are always on the search for amazing artists, join in on the B/D Flickr Pool and you might find yourself featured on the blog as well.

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Leigh Ryan Shoots You

Pacific Northwest photographer Leigh Ryan takes really awesome portraits.  Check out some more work after the jump!

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada’s Giant Girl

Jorge Rodriguez Gerada and the people from the Delta del Ebro region in Spain have joined to form a giant representation of a girl named Gal·la. This installation is meant to bring attention to how future generations will have to pay the price for our inability to act on climate change now.

This piece is one of several major public art installations in over a dozen locations across the planet that will be photographed by satellites 400 miles above the Earth’s surface this November 20-27 as part of a planetary scale art project, 350 EARTH, led by author Bill McKibben and international climate campaign


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Dindi Underwater Photographs

Dindi van der Hoek has some beautiful underwater photographs that you would swear were paintings.

Thad Kellstadt’s Tit Mullet

Thad Kellstadt‘s acrylic paintings possess a sort of hipster-esque aesthetic.  I find his Tit Mullet (as seen above) in particular to be very amusing. Girl is stylin’!