Jane Benson

dandyfucked_5comp I am really enjoying Jane Benson’s work.  One series in particular of hers I find to be quite intriguing; The Chronicles of Narcissim. Its narrative takes a closer look at people’s preoccupation with material and identity transformation as well as the tension that exists between both the natural and the artificial form of beauty.  Benson was born in Thornbury, England and lives in both London and New York.

chronnardraw_5comp Yellow-Room-(Mother)-&-Two-Left-Wings-(Bling-Wings)_2009 Wig-Wing-Head_detail_lg Wig-Head-Wig-Head_detail1 Wig-Head-Wig-Head_deatil_lg Wig-Head-[Ann-and-Jane] Wig-Head-[Ann-and-Jane]_detail theswing_01 The-Mews_installation-shot mews_13 mews_07 I-Love-you-Venus_lg disco-globe_5comp

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  • Birds of a feather soar together. Jane’s work makes you fly. Man, I really dig this.

  • Amir

    Like a flock of seagulls lens!