A Day In Decay: Italian Decay!


If you noticed that I haven’t been blogging much it’s because I spent the last 2 weeks on vacation in Italy. Wifi was not always available so instead of blogging I spent my days snapping photos of various things of interest in a country that has some of the most amazing art and historical sites on earth. I’m still going through all the photos but  in the meantime here’s a small collection of textures, surfaces, and dilapidated walls, doors and buildings from Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and Venice.


It’s almost as if they don’t make anything new in Italy. Walk down any street and you’ll run into these doors made hundreds of years ago. Covered in graffiti, posters, etchings, and debris, these old passages soak in all the filth that the cities throw their way and turn it into a beautiful patina of decay.

The windows are not too shabby as well. This might look like a prison cell window but there’s a bakery inside.


Surely there is a prisoner behind this dungeons walls right? Nope, it’s a window at a Prada shop.


These ancient paintings go back to the Medici era. It’s amazing that Italians get to walk by  murals like these on their way to work.


IMG_4476The walls in every city I visited were in a state of collapse, but somehow it just added to the charm of the structure. We have buildings like this in America, but usually they are public housing, not $400 dollar a night waterfront hotels.



Doorways in Venice beginning to flood with the high tide.


I love how the different type of bricks can tell the history of the building. The more mechanical and even shaped bricks are new, while the skinny wobbly ones are hundreds of years old.


An old graveyard in Tuscany with stacked burial markers. looks better than most abstract paintings you see in Chelsea.


Make sure my tombstone has one of these.




I found this bizarre yellowish grey moss all over statues and buildings in every city I visited.


Some of the monuments are so old that the writing on them is slowly beginning to fade away.


Another badass doorway.


Everywhere I look I saw great patterns for abstract paitnings. I call this one “Pierced Nip.”

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  • It’s funny to see how you look to things I see everyday 🙂 I would love to come to the USA soon to do the same.

  • Amir

    Come on over Francesco!