Alain Delorme

totems03 Looking at French photographer Alain Delorme’s Totems is almost surreal.  It is so hard to believe that a single person can manage to carry all of these formations in such large quantities by themselves and only a bike.  It is almost unbelievable.  Photoshop or not, the atmosphere in which this is happening in  comparison to  the rest of the world is art in itself.

totems09 totems08 totems07 totems06 totems05 totems04 totems02 totems01

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  • W

    These are pretty awesome photos. I had lived in China for the past 5 years and I almost believe that all these photos are true, although they look a bit exaggerating. There are so many ‘wonder woman’ and ‘super man’ there.

  • This is awesome. Having traveled a bit in Asia I´ve often seen stuff like this. It still amazes me:)

  • Almost looks like an advertising campaign for a truck rental company. The images are fantastic. Love the subject matter.

  • y0g3

    why don’t they have big trucks like we do

  • jinky

    These are pretty poor photoshops.

    “the atmosphere in which this is happening in comparison to the rest of the world is art in itself” What does that even mean?

  • The beauty of photoshop, although China is pretty close to that

  • That’s so crazy!

  • francisco

    Those bikes have one electric engine that is served by 3 car batterys.