Caboodle Kitty Ranch


Attention feline shoppers…tuna is on sale at the Wal-Mart? What is this? Caboodle Ranch is a sprawling 30 acre village that over 600 cats call home, replete with mini City Halls, shopping centers, housing and more. Please, please, someone make a pug village.







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  • the cats of caboodle ranch walmart is a domain name purchase away.

  • jes

    why are people still talking about this. it was news about 4 years ago and even then, it was local news garbage. this whole stupid hipster faggot cat obsession is fucking moronic.

  • Jes, I was never hip enough to be aware this cat village, or of the fagot cat obsession movement.
    I am glad to have my eyes open to such a cat haven. Ill be sure to stay away from it.


  • JES-
    Somehing is wrong with you. Do you need your ticket validated in some way that might get the hate out?

  • I just like the Otis the Drunk cat sleeping on top of City Hall. How did he get there, and why isn’t he marching into City Hall with all the other activist cats.

  • Hahaha!! Dina, that cat IS totally WASTED!! Politicians man, I tell ya!

  • ashley

    city hall should be… KITTY HALL.

  • Haha!! Good one Ashley!!

  • Fei


    Wait wait, are these cats not photoshopped in? CCL is fighting your CDL

  • Seriously. But dogz will always rule…’cause they rule!

  • dogs might rule in the material world, but cat are magical creatures. they transcend to the 4th dimension…they’re like wizards.

  • Dude but dogs play fetch! hahaha

  • true. plus, cats are no good at car rides. that’s true too.

  • Ya, and you can get dogs wet

  • Although strangely enough, if you get a cat wet inside of a moving car they won’t care.

  • Liz

    actually, my cat does play fetch. better than my dog ever did. and she loves car rides, she will escape from her travel box and climb up the passenger seat where she’ll sit happily for the whole ride

  • Amir

    Guess this is a touchy subject with cat lovers!