Do Ho Suh


New York based Korean artist, Do Ho Suh, creates beautifully detailed installations where he constantly has us question the identity of the individual in modern day society. Those of you who live here in Los Angeles, might have seen a few of his sculptures at LACMA where he worked with the idea of the clashing of culture and identity most Korean-Americans face by crashing a traditional Korean house into a modern day American house. Inside, traditional Korean furniture spilling into various rooms of the American house, all mixing into one chaotic mess. I have always genuinely enjoyed the way Do Ho Suh communicates his concepts, and his painfully close attention to detail.





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  • MP

    The tiny people as shadows are awesome. I would love to see this stuff in person.

  • That is pretty instresting

  • Got to stand on all those little people in Indianapolis. Pretty cool piece, very strange feelings abide when walking across the piece.