The Only Cat I’ll Pet


I’m not a big fan of cats but if this guy came across my path i’d pet it.

Via Super Duper

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  • not a friend of cats…so far.

    petting that cat would be a transformative experience.

  • The person who made this .gif can be found here:

  • oh hi i made this and i’m not this cthomp777 bro that it’s attributed to just sayin’

  • humyn

    wrong credit, dick.

  • Amir

    Hey Ariel,
    It says via Super Dude not by him. Didn’t know who made it but now we do. Thanks for the correction!

  • just to clarify it would be less of a bastardization of the use of “via” if you linked directly to the post that was reblogged from my tumblr, however you linked to their main tumblr page which also happens to lead directly to me so it wouldn’t’ve been that much more difficult to figure out. just, um, give it a bit of thought first next time?
    much love

  • Only YOU Can Prevent Gif Theft…

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