Jean-Pierre Roy

Jean-Pierre Roy1

Jean-Pierre Roy’s insanely gorgeous luminescent paintings might just combine all of my favorite topics. Painted like translucent homages to Romantic pastoralism, they appear to instead catalog mystical scenes of revelation, post-2012 apocalypse. Grand, cinematic, magical, laced with the alien race, these glowing, transcendent Titian-esque tableaus are haunting and inspiring all at once.

If you’re in NYC, his exhibition at Rare Gallery opens Sept. 9 and runs until October 7. I wish I could see these in person!

Jean-Pierre Roy3

Jean-Pierre Roy

Jean-Pierre Roy4


Jean-Pierre Roy2

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  • R. S. Roy

    Truly a young master.
    One who appears to have come out of the
    the Renaissance period and catapulted into
    the timeless imaginative world of fantasy, realism,
    and magic.