The Seattle Gum Wall


If you’re like my best friend Agnes, who is such a germaphobe that she brings with her cleaning equipment on any of our vacation trips, then this post will disturb your very soul. Presenting the Seattle Gum Wall! Falling in 2nd place (after Ireland’s Blarney Stone) as voted by Tripadvisor to be one of the world’s most germ infested tourist attractions. The Gum Wall came to be in the early 1990’s when people, waiting in line to purchase theater tickets, started to stick their chewing gum to the wall to pass the time. You may be wondering why hasn’t anyone tried to clean this up in the first place, well the theater attendants have – twice! They gave up in 1999 when the wall became an official Seattle tourist attraction. I (being a notorious gum addict) must visit this wall to contribute… with Agnes and her endless stock of Purell.


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  • Amir

    okay this is gross. damn hippies.

  • Agnes

    O___O this trip may not happen!!!!!!!
    can you imagine all that bacteria on that wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mel


  • Regular exposure to a wide variety of pathogens strengthens the immune system long-term. Seriously. Google it. It’s like how people in India don’t just collapse and die from living so “dirty” compared to your average Westerner.

    Germophobes = less resistant to “germs” = get sick more often = become more germophobic

    Don’t do that.

  • Lived there, rode by it daily….way overrated and easy to avoid. It’s right by a hostel, go figure.

  • Amir

    hostels and germ infested walls covered with hippy gum. Sounds like a vaca from hell!

  • Sounds like a vacay from heaven! Next I’m going to burning man!