Raul Gonzalez


Massachusetts-based painter Raul Gonzalez is not only an artist who has exhibited in galleries, but he also works as an art teacher. I also worked as an art teacher, and so I can’t help but feel an instant respect for Raul. Looking through his paintings, you are immediately reminded of classic cartoons…..classic cartoons that are walking around with arrows pierced through their skulls, boners growing out of their foreheads, and wearing necklaces made out of bullets… I think Raul would be a very fun teacher to learn from.


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  • Emomumunu

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  • droolin

    my art teacher in high school was fucking crap….he was so out of the loop, we just sat there drawing glass bottles or bits of fruit that u had to buy before u came to school. he wore sandals with socks.
    i don’t think i ever actually seen him draw something