A Day In Decay: Adventures In Puerto Aventuras


Everyone needs a break from the hectic workloads and congested traffic that comes with living in LA. So we decided to get some R&R time and head down to Puerto Aventuras.  Any plane trip for me and my fellow dark complexioned friends involves a long line of song and dance with the airport security. As I scanned my passport I was treated with this friendly yet vague note. After 15 minutes of waiting around a mysterious lady came by and asked a few questions. I gave her my best wink and smile and she decided that I wasn’t a terrorist threat and let me go.


We arrived at Puerto Aventuras at night but the next day we were greeted with this glorious sunrise. I’ve never stayed at an all inclusive hotel before but I have to say our spot was amazing. If you’re looking for a hotel where the beach is a few steps away, the food and drinks are non-stop, and it doesn’t have a touristy vibe check out Dreams Resort.


After stuffing our face at the Breakfast buffet of death we decided to head over  to the beach and do a lil snorkling. We must have seen over 1000 fish just 3 feet into the ocean. The reefs there were unreal and full of life. There is an endless supply of textures, patterns, colors, and bizarre sea life. I was so inspired by all of it. Is it a bad thing that I kind of want to paint underwater scenes? Look out Wyland, here i come!



No that’s not a melon that rolled into the ocean. It’s a massive ball of  living something or another. The surface of it has all these intricate lines that look like some sort of intense puzzle. Kind of makes me think of James Siena paintings.


I had to chase this lil fucker for 10 minutes to take his photo. He may look small but he kicked my ass in swimming.



This picture is a little blurry but the floor of the ocean was littered with thousands of these lil dudes hiding in shells. Don’t worry I put him back in place so he can bottom feed in peace.

First day snorkling… Success!


On the second day we hired a local guide who took us to one of the best things I’ve ever seen in life. Puerto Aventuras is famous for the hundreds of underwater caves or Cenotes that surround the area. Drive in any direction and you’ll eventually run into one. We didn’t want to go to any ol’ Cenote so we went off the beaten path to the mother of all Cenotes, The Grande Cenote!

Words can not describe how amazing this place was. When I was young we used to explore crappy tunnels and sewers but this is a legitimate cave with stalagmites and stalagtites!


The water is crystal clear and small fish wander around calmly ignoring the humans with their flashlights, snorkle and scuba gear.


Big ol Stalagtite. Had to be longer than 30-40 feet from the top of the cave.


What cave is complete without bats flying all around? These guys were everywhere! I have to admit for blood sucking, furry, vamps they were kind of cute.



Into the abyss


There is a part in the cave where you have to swim from one opening to the next. It’s extremly quiet and peaceful. It’s just you, the bats, and a few fish hanging out in bath water.


Another successful day!

On the third day  we ventured to Tulum, home of some of the oldest Mayan Pyramids. Right behind the pyramid is an amazing coast line with white sand beaches. Those Mayans must have had some crazy beach parties/human sacrifices along that coastline.

I’ve been all around the world but I can safely say that this was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Maybe one day when I’m old and rich I’ll buy a cruise liner and take the entire Cult Of Decay for a lil tropical healing.  Are you guys in?

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  • Wow! What an amazing adventure. The photos are beautiful! And yes, you can take inspiration from the underwater floor of the sea!

  • Amir

    I want to go back right now!