Jason de Caires

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Amir, you underwater explorer  you, this goes to you. Jason de Caires creates haunting underwater sculptures reminiscent of Atlantean ruins, or the macabre corpse-casts of Pompeii. People turned to stone, left to transform into coral reefs and feeding grounds for schools of fish….there is a strange and beautiful magic in these pieces. Imagine discovering these still and silent souls while swimming?

JasondeCaires4 JasondeCaires1 JasondeCaires3 JasondeCaires2 JasondeCaires8 JasondeCaires5

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  • amazing

  • Jose Miguel Duran, M.D.

    Loved them!. I am an avid scuba diver, would like to see them. Where are they located?

  • Hi Jose- glad you liked them! It looks like 200 new ones have just been installed in the Cancun National Marine Park. I was poking around his site and other than that I couldn’t seem to find the other exact locations…there doesn’t seem to be a listing. But here is his website as well: http://www.underwatersculpture.com

    Hope that helps!

  • Jacob