A Day In Decay: Bad Brains

A while back we did a tribute shirt to one of my favorite bands Bad Brains. They have been a constant staple on my playlist as long as I can remember. Not only were they one of the first African American punk bands to become well known, but they were also one of the most influential bands in the last 40 years, inspiring everyone from Janes Addiction to In Living Color to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. There’s something about the stripped down energy and versatile range that I always found refreshing in a sea of bands that sounded and looked alike.

Bad Brains never got the recognition that they truly deserved. Especially since they influenced many bands that have gone on to become some of the biggest acts today. Since I’m such a fan of the underdog, I thought I’d share the following mini documentaries and music videos with you in hopes of reminding those of you who are fans, and those of you who have not heard of them, about how ground breaking this little band from Washington DC really was. PMA!

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  • Amir, Bad Brains @ Sunset Junction , Sat Aug 21st. 9:30 on the Sanborn Stage! PMA!!!

  • Amir

    i’m tempted to go but i don’t know if i can handle outdoor music festivals. last time i saw bad brains was in the early 90s in a small club in dc. might want to keep that memory going. plus i wonder how good they are now. HR sounds like he lives on another planet these days. have you seen them lately?

  • Sad to say, I’ve never seen Bad Brains. Growing up here, I’ve seen a lot of LA bands not too far past their primes, but I missed a lot of the late 70’s – mid 80’s East Coast and British bands in their heyday. I know what you mean about seeing old bands and festival shows. It’s tempting to go, but I’d hate to be disappointed. Might be best to just stay home and turn the stereo up to 11?