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Sandra Backlund, Ink Blot Test

Sandra Backlund, Ink Blot Test

Lady Gaga may be all the rage right now, but fashion designers have been creating insane masterpieces, (and often sheer madness), for years, probably since the conception of the fashion industry. Despite what many think, fashion is not – and never has been – centered around functionality, (if that were the case, then I’d say no clothes for hot days and snuggies for cold ones), but instead serves as an outlet for creative expression, just as the paintbrush does the painter and the stage the dancer. The only difference between these art pieces and more traditional ones is you can wear them… sometimes.

Here are some B/D picks for amazing apparel design.

Dora Mojzes

Hungarian designer Dora Mojzes sees herself as a designer for the modern woman, and aims to create clothing that reflects confident feminine females, successful in work and in other feminine pursuits. The way she is able to manipulate her textiles to form jagged points while still maintaining organic flow attests to her success.





Gareth Pugh

You might have seen our post on some of Gareth Pugh‘s edgy looks previously, but his Spring 2010 RTW collection is also worth mentioning. It’s all about the accessories here, if you’re going to wear feathered headbands, might as go all out right? For those of you that don’t already know, RTW stands for Ready-To-Wear, as in, this stuff is intended to be duplicated and sold in stores, (just don’t wear the mask on busy street corners).




Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons presented another crazy take on headwear in their Spring 2009 RTW collection, which featured metallic patchwork garments and towering clouds of grey hair, (in the vein of Marie Antoinette). To balance the outlandish hairpieces, the colors in the collection were kept minimal: mostly black with the occasional pop of grey.




Viktor & Rolf

This spring, Viktor & Rolf unveiled gowns that seem to have been artfully destroyed by moths. Tulle ballgowns are normally pretty cliché, but Viktor & Rolf dropped the standard Disney princess dress to create sculptural pieces out of this truly versatile fabric. Could there be some artfully re-purposed prom dresses in our future?






Check, Check Mate!, Jantaminau‘s 2009 spring line was constructed almost entirely from plaid fabric, studded with Swarovski crystals and metal buttons that enable the wearer to change the shape of the collars and pleats on a whim. I think it’s safe to say that starched tartan collars several feet in diameter will not be á la mode any time soon, but you’ve got to love the concept!




JANTAMINIAU Haute Couture Spring 2009

Alithia Spuri-Zampetti

Spuri-Zampetti is currently working at Valentino, but inspired by traditional Japanese garb, she created a futuristic collection in 2009 on her own time. In black, white, and primaries, her color-blocked dresses and prim skirts resemble partially completed coloring books, but the real drama lies in her edgy masks and enormous foam collars.





Scherer González

In 2008, Constanze G. González and Paul Scherer created these pieces for Berlin Fashion Week. Their luxe dresses focused on the exaggerated female form with architecturally crafted pieces over the hips and wasp waists that referenced the corseted gowns of the Victorian Era. Their high-collared futuristic jackets do it for me.





Craig Lawrence

Why go to a party when you can wear one? Craig Lawrence’s Spring/Summer looks this year were decked out in metallic silver and gold “streamers” and candy-cane striped fringe. These dresses look awesome in pictures, but does the fact that these mounds of ribbon have straps to hold them up doesn’t really render them wearable. Still, over-the-top? Never!FW2010.2




Yuima Nakazato

This collection from Yuima Nakazato, entitled “Wooden Dimension” features movable parts that start out folded close to the body and expand to reveal hidden pockets of gold and metallic sprays. The future of multifunctional clothing is near!





Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada‘s fun fall 2009 show was full of color, bold shapes, (and sugary pink hearts), that playfully referenced childhood. Most of her pieces were girly or covered in flower cut outs, but some were a little cheekier, like a pyramidal armoire dress that opened it’s doors to reveal a matching set of underwear.





Sandra Backlund

Sandra Backlund is a true master of fiber arts. Her works have completely revolutionized knitwear, and she has caught the eyes of fashion magazines as a rising star. For AnOther Magazine, she created an amazing sculptural gown that was worn by actress Tilda Swinton, and her own modern knitted works are equally inspired and dramatic.





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  • Absolutely mind blowing selection!

  • These are fabulous designs! Most are Avant Garde inspired designs. These designs define the dress of the future 🙂

  • Well,Mindblowing posts….how cud dese model mnage to wear such complicated dresses…

  • anamika modi

    i really liked the collection specially the knitted ones as i am a student of knitwear design in National Institute Of Fashion Technology, India. we are not so much exposed to knitted garments as it is not so famous here. i would really love to see some more interesting designs.