Bye Caitie!


Caitie, throughout your stay here at Beautiful/Decay, we have shared so many heavy and introspective philosophical conversations revolving around alien life, true paranormal ghost photos, and calorie counting. Who will I share my innermost feelings of awe and wonderment at the universe and its production of such things as… sodas? Is life really that strange and magical? From the bottom of all our hearts here at Beautiful/Decay (and in Ziggy’s case, his stomach) we’d like to wish you a big THANK YOU for all of your positive energy and hard work. We are really going to miss you (and in Ziggy’s case, your blue “lap top bag” aka his bed.) You’re officially in our intern superstar hall of fame.

Caitie is also an extremely talented illustrator- check out her bright & bold illustrations after the jump. They are all laced with Caitie’s characteristic sense of wit, style and irreverence. Check her portfolio, hire her, and keep an eye out for her because she is destined for great things!

Caitlin4 Caitlin3 Caitlin7 Caitlin2 Caitlin5 Caitlin8 Caitlin6 Caitlin1

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  • Jennifer

    bye catie..sorry about saying you couldn’t work at seaworld because they turn on on the trainers. You can do it! Since an art career is no good apparently to some haha. You’d be awesome and I bet you’d be the only one the dolphins would truly confide in.

  • Caitlin

    You know there would never be any pelican-eating on MY watch, Jenn.

    Sasha, I just ate another of Garret’s cookies AND I plan on having pasta for dinner. I might have to do a few jumping jacks to alleviate my guilt. Speaking of pasta, maybe Amir will let me borrow that colander I’ve heard so much about. I’m a sucker for collapsable kitchen tools. However, none of this snacking would have ever taken place if the line at Wunderkunschchksajidfjaljf hadn’t been around the block and Garret and I could have just traded in our soggy sandwich lunches for greener, sausage-laden pastures!

    Anyway, thanks guys for everythinggg!!! I look forward to harassing you for future business advice via every social networking site available. I’ll be missing you.

  • martin

    dear god! youre stunning [and its not just that cuddly seal you’re ever-so graciously cradling] please tell me you’re leaving LA and coming to Brooklyn.

  • Amir

    we’ll miss ya Caitie!

  • Wow Caitie looks like you’ve got some secret admirers! Nice! I ate Mcdonalds AND pizza yesterday…I’m serious! At least the drink I had with my mega-meal was a diet coke…? PS, microplanes, zesters of the future are where its at! Please harass us if you need anything!