Goodbye Miss Busenbark!


Chillin' B/D Steez at the Office

Elyse Busenbark, it is with a heavy heart embossed upon antique letterpress stationary set that I bid ye farewell. Where to begin waxing philosophic of your many talents? Your enthusiasm, hard work, tolerance of Ziggy’s tummy-shames and epic masterminding of our new and improved intern binder have all brightened everybody’s days here at the office! Not only have I grown so fond of you that I call you by your spirit name (as opposed to the serial number we assign to all B/D interns), I will actually miss you! All jokes aside, we here at B/D wish to issue you a resounding thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your help during your time here! And…Elyse is a great graphic designer. (That’s why we hired her, duh.) Check out some of her work after the jump…and leave a comment wishing her well! Better yet email her and give her freelance work!

Elyse1 Elyse2 Elyse3 Elyse4 Elyse5 Elyse6 Elyse7 Elyse8


Good-baaaaaaahy Elyse!

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  • What a send-off! How lucky am I to have been in such delightful company with those at Beautiful/Decay… I think you just tugged on a heartstring and pulled out a tear! I too will miss all of you.

  • my goodness love that cute

  • Ronelworld…Ziggy says thank you! He is blushing. And Elyse, I already miss you!

  • Miss Boozy,

    so talented, so effortless, so missed