Jason Hackenwerth

Picture 15

Wow! Jason Hackenwerth brings a whole new meaning to the term balloon animal. His creations are more akin to balloon creatures resembling, perhaps, lifeforms of the deep sea or lifeforms viewed under a microscope. Conceived from the artist’s imagination, beautifully sketched, and sometimes consisting of more that a hundred individual balloons, these sculptures take life within the large spaces of museums, galleries, the street, and, if you’re lucky, right before your eyes as a performance piece. I’m particularly fond of the wearable art… how’s that for a party outfit!?

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  • Holy [email protected]#! This is….I don’t even know the word for it. Fly? Boss? Sweet? Epic balloon expression?? Whatever adjective one assigns to it, it leaves an impression. Good good.

  • Amir

    I kind of like ” Fly Boss.”

  • Haha! I had the pleasure of seeing these with Amir in Miami they are insane! He does these crazy sexual dances in them that are hilarious. With glitter all over his face. It’s a spectacle to say the least.