Seiko Kato


Brighton, England’s very own artist Seiko Kato’s work is something you think you’d find at an antique boutique. But looking closer, it’s not necessarily something you would buy for your grandmother’s birthday.  Her work is Victorian era meets contemporary design. Kato’s inspiration lies in Victorian medical books, old Victorian drawings and encyclopedias, and Victorian paraphernalia. Kato is also a collage artist and illustrator.


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  • My god, best post I’ve seen today!

  • Jennifer

    I retract my statement I meant to say “something you would buy for your grandmother’s birthday and/or Sasha’s birthday”

  • Victorian Grandmother = Sasha

  • Ian

    A more demented Shen Shaomin? BTW, anyone in NY who likes this should check Shen’s showing at Eli Klein on W. Bway

  • Ian

    (and that wasn’t meant as a slight to Kato at all!) I’m referring specifically to the first image…