A Day In Decay: Arts District

A Day In Decay

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Beautiful/Decay, then this is for you! A Day In Decay is a new ongoing column that will be appearing on the site penned by yours truly. I’ll be documenting our day to day  shenanigans, daily life in the arts district of downtown LA, the ups and downs of running an indie publishing and apparel line and other things of interest both in and out of our office. Some posts will be related directly to what we do ( like photos of our office/neighborhood) and some posts will have nothing to do with art or design (like photos of my scuba diving instructor after the jump). ADID will answer all your long time questions about the who, whats, whys, and hows of living, breathing, eating, and sleeping B/D 24-7. So without further ado i give you A Day In Decay……


Having moved to Downtown LA in Novermber, we’re still getting used to our surroundings. Before we moved here, walking to get coffee or lunch was unheard of, but with the rapidly growing number of shops and restaurants popping up near the Little Tokyo/Arts District neighborhoods there is always a reason to use those two things called legs and hoof it over  to the corner store. This is the view from my favorite spot in our building. From this small stairway you can see a great view of LA’s skyline and most importantly my prized cacti collection. You might not know this but Cacti will be huge in the art world in 2011. That’s right folks, you heard it here first.


Some newly decorated walls by our friendly neighborhood graffiti writers.


Wurstkuche is down the street from us and by now is old news to locals, but if you’re visiting LA this is the ultimate sausage, beer, and fry spot in LA. Happen to be vegan or vegetarian? No problem, they have 4 different veggie friendly sausages for those of us who are animal lovers. I’ve heard rumors that Wurstkuche sells over 1,600 sausages everyday. I’m not math wiz but even I know that adds up to a pile of cash so high you could swim through it like Scrooge McDuck.


Most people swallow their sausage like a pack of wolves who haven’t eaten in days. There’s even a tutorial painted outside for you to study while you wait in line.


I know graffiti is eternally cool but you would not believe how many photoshoots happen in front of this wall every week. There is always a rapper, actress, model, or breakdancer busting a move in front of this wall. I’ve given some thought to starting a new blog devoted to photos of people taking photos in front of this wall but since we’re kicking off A Day In Decay I’ll be posting photos here instead…


like this one.


Why go to the Louvre in France to see the Mona Lisa when you can come downtown to see one that’s 10 times the size and comes with a ‘sweet stache a la Marcel Duchamp.


Street art has gotten so popular that even kittens are bombing.


People in our building are not messing around when it comes to the freight elevator. As if the first sign with the skull and crossbones wasn’t enough a mysterious second note appeared a few days later complete with scary red ink and death threats.


….If you’ve ever wondered where hangtags go on shirts with pizza slices on them.


Shirt designs, pencil drawings of Immortal, and a killer Tom Wesselman show invite featuring a hot lady can all be found on our bulletin board.


Sometimes I need to take a break from all this art and design stuff and do something relaxing like breathing underwater for longer than you can hold your breath (a.k.a) Scuba diving.


If you’ve ever tried diving, you know that one of the unfortunate aspects of the training is waking up at the crack of dawn. Being at a pool at 5am in not exactly my cup of tea. My brain is barely awake and everything is foggy. When I first saw this sign at the local high school swimming pool I thought: “what the hell does the school have against braces?” Then after a few minutes, the motor in my brain started working and I had that “ohhh I get it” moment.


This is Dr. Scuba our instructor. Not only is he an avid scuba diver and doctor but apparently he is a big fan of Jessica Alba.


When I say he’s a big Jessica Alba fan I mean a VERY BIG JESSICA ALBA FAN. Notice Doc Scuba’s masterful photoshop photo of him kissing Alba on Scuba Diving quarterly. If the whole doctor thing doesn’t work out give me a ring. We can always use new designers at B/D.

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  • this is cool amir – back in the day the old graff/wheatpaste corner with the bench use to be blooms general store, Bloom was cool – I think he died. oh and me any some friends opened a juicebar artist lounnge right there in the warehouse space under the hotel/apartments (the old al’s bar location), it was a fail because we were just a bunch of crazy kids with money to throw away. Oh yeah and there use to be a homeless guy that slept on the street and one of my friends said he was her guardian angel. Oh the good old days – thanks for sharing – The artist distric will always have a special place in my heart it is a prime example of beautiful decay. oh and another fun fact Mear use to live across the street from the photoshoot bench… waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day b4 he was famous.


  • Amir

    thanks for all the back info on the hood Johnny. It’s definitely a great neighborhood with endless amounts of fun things going on. The guys from Stereo Skateboards just moved in next door to us. i’ll be doing a post about them soon.

  • This is awesome, i always wondered where exactly B/D was located. great location. Where exactly is that bench with the graff?

    anyways its really cool to see the work as well as downtime that goes into a company such as this! great post.

    —-Wisdom…Tastes Like Gold

  • Amir

    Glad you like the post. I’ll be doing many more posts like this, especially for B/D followers who aren’t in the southern cali area that might be interested in what we all do in sunny LA.
    the bench is on traction right across the street from wurstkuche.

  • Good to see this project up and going. .the art district definitely has a lot going on .. combining it with the daily happenings at B/D will surely make it a great day in decay!!

  • Amir thats an excellent idea, i like it. Im staying tuned for sure. I go to school out in northridge (out in the valley) and every chance i get, i explore LA. so im adding the arts district as my next spot to photograph. thanks for the tip. do you have any other points of interest in the area (not mentioned in the post) that are worth checking out?

    —-Wisdom…Tastes Like Gold

  • Amir

    Once you find the bench you’ll see a bunch of other cool spots around there. its near the LA river which is always a fun place to explore.

  • thats great to know. id like to make a day of it. thanks again for the tip.

    —Wisdom…Tastes Like Gold