C inical Depression Zine

c inical depression t. reilly hodgson

One of the best things about publishing a magazine is having packages from distant lands (Canada) show up in our PO Box. You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes we get complete junk…. but once in a while, we hit the jackpot with something that you want to hang on to. Case in point: this cool mini ‘zine by T. Reilly Hodgson called C inical Depression. Not only is this a great example of what a few bucks and some time at your local copy center can create, but I also love getting packages with hand written notes. Even our address is tricked out on the envelope! Reminds me of B/D’s humble beginnings when we hand wrote notes to subscribers. Maybe we should go back to that?

c inical depression t. reilly hodgson

This quarter page zine has lots of fun details like the hand drawn infinity sign and the cut out corners. T. Reilly says that the ‘zine is about “trying to get out of  a town that’s making me feel brain dead.”


Maybe the bong loads are causing all the brain dead issues…. or it could be the trauma of seeing tiny puppies getting shots?

c inical depression t. reilly hodgson
Or having someone tattoo “Hepatitus” on your back?

c inical depression t. reilly hodgson

What zine is complete w/out dudes skateboarding and young love?

c inical depression t. reilly hodgson

If you’re into what young people are up to in Canada, photography, or ‘zines in general then C inical Depression is for you. Each issue is signed and numbered in the back and  comes in an extremely limited number of 30 copies. Somehow my copy was number 62? Could this really be #26? Could it  be the bong loads playing tricks on Big T’s eyes? Hopefully he can let me know.

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  • Jennifer

    That’s zine goodness. We need more stuff like this in the world.

  • Thank you so much for all the kind words!
    My first run sold out in a week so I did a second run of 30 (plus 2 proofs), so that’s why yours is number 62. I’m not that hazy!! hahaha

  • Ha! Thanks Reilly! We really enjoyed the ‘zine here at the office!