Sisters of the Black Moon Star in Black Mountain

I’m proud to say my witchy sisters & Texan friends, Sisters of the Black Moon, have recently “moonlighted” (in a black sense, of course) as the starry-eyed starring leading ladies in Black Mountain’s new music video, Old Fangs. Like a Nightshade-induced hallucination from a Belladonna dilated third eye, these sultry sirens seduce and induce cosmic visions and beyond.

And, if you love their sartorial sorcery, be sure to check out their website- they hawk their magick wares on an epic eBay store, The talented Miss Alecia Marcum of the coven, as if she isn’t fantastic enough already, also does styling work.

Check out more eye candy of these unbelievable beauties after the jump!







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  • your girls photograph like satanic JW Waterhouse paintings

  • Ha that’s amazing Bill! They’re evil beauties that’s for sure!

  • you’re the best sasha!!! i love you!!! thanks for all your love & support!

  • You’re the best my dear! Love you tons!! You are an epic babe and I’m so stoked on just about everything you gals are doing!