“Art Works Every Time” Event Recap & Party Pics!


Did we ever have a grand ole time at the “Art Works Every Time” opening this past Saturday! We had record attendance, with party-goers spilling out into the back patio and onto the streets!

The Colt 45 ice cream was a smash hit- more than the carbonated beverage you might expect straight from the can, the tasty treat was was more like a delicious chocolate gelato with subtle hints of malt. (That’s my best “foodie” review of it, anyway.) I didn’t personally partake, but a few Colt 45 ice cream beer floats were rumored to be…”floating” around.

Our t-shirts, with featured artist Colin Strandberg’s winning design, “sold” like hotcakes. (And by sold, I mean given rampantly given away.) Charlyne Yi’s humorous & raw lo-fi performance called to mind the anti-folk avante-garde musical stylings of the Moldy Peaches and packed the house. Colt 45 was imbibed by all (with specially-made brown paper back beer cozies). Good times abounded. Check out some snaps after the jump, and view the full set on our Flickr!

Thank you to everyone who came out, the artists Colt 45 and Synchronicity Gallery for making this event a huge success!


Synchronicity Gallery, before the madness started!


Our exhibition poster!


Exhibiting Artists Justin Nelson (left) and Emilio Santoyo (right).


Artist Ben Tegel in front of his paintings


Design super star Fei Liu enjoying a colt, artist Drew Beckmeyer having a laugh



Photographer Michael de Vera's crazy hat


Serving up the delicious ice cream made especially for the show.


Having a cold one with Billy Dee....(he gets all the beautiful ladies)


Charlyne Yi's performance


The view from "backstage!"

Mrs. Mouse and Billy say...come back ya hear!

Mrs. Mouse and Billy say...come back ya hear!

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