Sigmar Polke Dies at 69


Polke, Hope Is: Wanting to Pull Clouds (1992)

German painter and photographer Sigmar Polke (1941 – 2010) died yesterday from complications of cancer, according to Gordon Veneklasen, the artist’s main American representative. Polke invigorated the world of pop art and beyond with his parodic examinations of consumerism and politics, especially those concerning post-war Germany. The artist resisted artistic conventions by expanding on ideas of “what art is” with his multi-faced, mixed media pieces.

“We cannot rely on it that good painting will be made one day. We have to take the matter in hand ourselves,” Polke once said. A bit of an understatement, but I’ll allow Polke’s “good painting” to speak for itself. Check out more of my favorites after the cut.

GML 1009

Polke, You May be Spending a Lot of Your Weekend Thinking About Alternative Careers (2000)


Polke, Untitled (1975)


Polke, Giornico (1976)


Polke, Untitled (1981)

Polke, Schüttbild (1985)

Polke, Schüttbild (1985)

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