The Creators Project Interviews Karl Sadler

The Creators Project recently interviewed digital-installation renaissance man Karl Sadler about his role as both an artist & a director. The interview highlights his latest project, “The Sculpture of The Album,” made in collaboration with popular London-based band The XX. Through harnessing technology and art, Sadler gives visual form to the band’s music, creating a physical representation of the intangible. The piece sheds light on what happens when media and message are mixed, and, on a broader level, the creative process. Visit The Creative Project site to read the full interview with Sadler, as well as explore other creatives from around the world working across a broad range of media. If you’re in the NYC area, stay tuned for The Creators Project Launch Event June 26!

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  • Mark T.

    I had know idea this guy was the brains behind that The xx installation. I want to curl up and pass out in the middle of that thing.

  • olivia

    This is awesome and what’s even better is that The Creators Project is coming to London and there’s a HUGE party. The tickets are FREE and all you need to do is register, i did so here:

    I hope i get tickets because the line-up is insane!