Behind-the Scenes with “Art Works Every Time” Artist: Colin Strandberg


Colin Strandberg in his studio and his piece "Nature Pattern"

Today’s Art Works Every Time interview is with Colin Strandberg, whose work is a playful exploration of color and shape, straddling both abstraction and figurative work. Colin contributed our grand prize winning graphic, which can be seen on our show flyer. We’ll also be printing T-shirts with the design for the exhibition- first 100 visitors get one for free! Just 5 days away now til the show!

Describe your aesthetic.

It tends to be on the playful side. Constructing forms from simple geometric shapes. Lots of lines that aren’t very straight. Usually some collage and loads of texture. Never short on the texture. Color when necessary.


Colin Strandberg "At Rest"

Describe the works you have in the upcoming “Art Works Every Time” exhibition?

These works are a new approach to my usual style. I do prints alot and many projects stay in the digital realm. However I decided to create a series that was designed digital but printed and completely made from cut paper.


Colin Strandberg "Beautiful/Decay Castle"

Words of advice for other artists, designers, creatives?

Follow your own voice and make work that is truly yours, not someone else’s. Don’t be afraid to just make stuff, good or bad.

To see Colin’s work in person, please visit us at the “Art Works Every Time” exhibition, opening June 12th at Synchronicity Gallery, from 8pm-10pm.

Go here for more details!


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