Behind-the-Scenes with “Art Works Every Time” Artist: Brian Willmont

above: Brian Willmont's Studio; below: "Long Gone" 2009

above: Brian Willmonts Studio, below: "Long Gone" 2009

Today’s Art Works Every Time interview is with Brian Willmont. His vibrant colors and energetic compositions command attention like a shot of tequila in the fluorescent glow of a Vegas dive bar. Read on to see more of Brian’s South West inspired “Clint Eastwood fever dream” works. Also, with just one week left to go before our exhibition, stay tuned for a new artist interview every day, starting Monday!

Brian Willmont "Standing Higher" 2010

Brian Willmont "Standing Higher

Describe your aesthetic.

I use bright colors, Iconic or patterned compositions featuring scenes influenced by the history of America, currently the South West.

Brian Willmont "Hurry on Sundown" 2010

Brian Willmont "Hurry on Sundown" 2010

Describe the works you have in the upcoming “Art Works Every Time” exhibition?

Clint Eastwood fever dreams of cactus manifest destiny. I am very pleased to show these pieces.

Brian Willmont "Long Gone" 2009

Brian Willmont "Long Gone" 2009

Words of advice for other artists, designers, creatives?

Welcome to paradise.

Brian Willmont "Fraggle Rock" 2009

Brian Willmont "Fraggle Rock" 2009

To see Brian’s work in person, please visit us at the “Art Works Every Time” exhibition, opening June 12th at Synchronicity Gallery, from 8pm-10pm.

Go here for more details!


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