Food Art, Part 2

Fulvio Bonavia, "Untitled", A Matter of Taste, 2008

Fulvio Bonavia, "Untitled", A Matter of Taste, 2008

As I mentioned last week, I thought it’d be interesting to round up a collection of artists who make art out of the surprising medium of food. Read on to find out today’s round up!

Fulvio Bonavio

Fulvio Bonavia specializes in all aspects of photography; from the inception of an idea, all the way to post production. He was named Photographer of the Year 2010 by the Mobius Awards and won an International Photography Award in the Advertising Food Pro Category. Bonavia’s play on perception, “A Matter of Taste”, is a series of photographs of food, styled to look like purses and other accessories. He received nods for his work in magazines such as Vanity Fair and Marie Claire.


Fulvio Bonavia, "Untitled", A Matter of Taste, 2008


Fulvio Bonavia, "Untitled", A Matter of Taste, 2008


Fulvio Bonavia, "Untitled", A Matter of Taste, 2008

Oliver Schwarzwald

German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald recently completed a series of photographs entitled “Breakfast” for Feld Hommes Magazine, depicting the choice breakfast foods of various countries around the world, including sardines and knäckebröd for Sweden, caviar on toast with Vodka for Russia, and cereal and pancakes for the US. Schwarzwald has proven to be skilled at shooting food, as he demonstrates in another series, Slowfood vs. Fastfood. In this series, he examines our obsession with instant gratification, perhaps suggesting that in our quest to feed ourselves quickly, we lose some of the quality and art that comes along with traditional preparation.


Oliver Schwarzwald, "Sweden"


Oliver Schwarzwald, "US"


Oliver Schwarzwald, "Fastfood vs. Slowfood"


Oliver Schwarzwald, "Fastfood vs. Slowfood"

Monica Malewska

Painter Monica Malewska has sought to challenge the traditional conventions of still life in order to make her voice heard in current discourse of subjects like body image, vanity, excess, and the fast food industry. In the past, she has favored depicting raw meat over fruits and flowers, and dolls over human models. Her works include paintings of Barbie posing with vegetables and inside of jello, images of an obese Pillsbury dough boy, but most recently, scenes completely enveloped in bacon.


Monika Malewska, "Bacon Wreath No. 2", 2008


Monika Malewska, "Bacon Wreath With Dentures", 2010


Monika Malewska, "G.I. Joes and Bacon Wreath", 2009


Monika Malewska, "Little Ponies and Bacon", 2009

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