Behind-the-Scenes with “Art Works Every Time” Artist: Justin Nelson


Justin Nelson

Beautiful/Decay is taking you behind the scenes of the “Art Works Every Time” exhibition! To celebrate the talented artists and designers included in the show, we thought we’d give you sneak peeks at their artwork, their studio spaces and more. Find out what their work is like, what inspires them and what advice they’d give to other creatives! Our first featured artist is Justin Nelson. We loved his dark sense of humor, laced with intricate linework and delicate detail. Read on to check out his beautiful works, and find out what makes him tick!


Justin Nelson "In a Dark Place", 2010

Describe your aesthetic.

I would say that my aesthetic tends to be very hairy. I’m one of those people that finds satisfaction in drawing the smallest lines and the most unnoticeable details that only I will know exist, so I think the hair thing kind of came out of that obsession.


Justin Nelson, "Pessimysticism", 2010

Describe the works you have in the upcoming “Art Works Every Time” exhibition.

The works I have in the exhibition are more or less a personification of the darker things I believe everyone carries with them at one point or another. We all have these inner beasts nagging at us, some manage to ignore them and some let them take over. My drawings are of people that give in and sort of become this half human half beast hybrid that embodies everything I don’t want to be.


Justin Nelson's Studio

Words of advice for other artists, designers, creatives?

It’s a very cliché thing to say but hard work is the only thing that matters.

Justin Nelson, "Begone/Begone", 2010

Justin Nelson, "Begone/Begone", 2010


Justin Nelson, "The Day You Burst", 2009

Justin Nelson, "Tangle", 2010

Justin Nelson, "Tangle", 2010

“Art Works Every Time” will open June 12th at Synchronicity Gallery, from 8pm-10pm.

Go here for more details.


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