Goodbye, Fearless Intern Spencer!


Spencer Ockwell is a man of many talents. Aside from his extensive art, illustration, design and animation expertise, what really made us want to give Spencer the job (of working for free, as an intern) here at Beautiful/Decay was his experience doing voice over work. (Anyone who has been around me at the office, towards the end of a long work day, knows I randomly like to “channel” a southern belle’s twang for sass, and also a tiny, one thousand year old all-seeing Chinese fortune teller for giving advice.)  I will miss not only Spencer’s tolerance of my annoying, and incurable “habit,” but his acceptance, no, celebration of it! To give an example of his purported talent, word on the streets is, when we went down to Las Vegas for the Slate Tradeshow, Spencer did a mean, award-winning impersonation of Snoop Dogg. This performance, that fused many talents, (mostly within the realm of karaoke) is rumored to have won acclaim, a brief YouTube appearance, and the hearts and souls of the dancers of that fine, Vegas establishment. Of course this is all speculation.

All tangents  aside, the truth is that Spencer has busted ass for us here at Beautiful/Decay, going above and beyond the call of duty, staying almost double our minimum requirement! (Why, I can’t fathom- I kid! ‘Cause we rock!) Spencer has contributed some extremely comedic blog posts, design work, help with our apparel line, and more!

Being the young exuberant self-starter and entrepreneurial go-getter that he is, Spencer has also recently founded Hammered, an art/design inspired clothing company. Spencer was recently chased through our office by his logo today, and I snapped a quick picture of it, above. View his prodigious output below. Thanks, Spencer for all your help!

Spencer Ockwell- Director & Animator from Spencer Ockwell on Vimeo.

58_02a---sketchbook-ink-smashu 58_14b--sketchbook3

43_02b---puck 43_03a---bottom
48_06b---dracula 59_15b---spaghetti-yeticolt

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  • Sounds like a killer internship!

  • Awww, joo maken me blush! Thank you, thank you! I’d like to thank the Academy. Also – I knew there was a video of my infamous karaoke performance at a certain Las Vegas establishment (that may or may not be called Foxxy Ladies), but I didn’t know it found it’s way onto YouTube… I’m an internet star, mama!