B/D Apparel Artist Interview: Yaiagift


This week’s B/D Apparel artist interview features Yaiagift. Yaiagift contributed our “Bikes N’ Roses” shirt, which reinterprets the iconic Guns ‘n’ Roses album cover to give new meaning to today’s bike/fixed gear culture. His aesthetic mixes a broad range of influences, from underground comix, punk rock, skate culture and beyond. Yaiagift’s process apparently begins as a “really awful sketch” that “looks like if someone with no artistic skills made it.” Read on to find out how he transforms a work’s humble origins into a polished final product, and the one artist anyone who ever holds a pencil in their hand must check out! More images of Yaiagift’s personal work and design process after the jump.



1. What is your general aesthetic? How would you describe your work’s subject matter to someone?

I’ve got a really clear idea of what my aesthetic is, it’s hard for me to put it in words, but it’s really easy to understand once you’ve seen my artwork. It’s a mix of skate culture, punk/metal iconography, shocking cinema terror and underground/classic comic respect.3973042385_79394ae6f8_o2. Describe how you create your works? Some of your tools of the trade?

I do all my work in a very traditional way, pencil and marker. Process starts with a client’s request or a personal motivation, that leads to a lot of research. Then I do a really awful pencil sketch and I think I’m never gonna solve the artwork because it looks like if someone with no artistic skills has made it. Eventually, I go through the process and achieve a respectable piece in pencil that in the best occasion looks pretty close to the idea in my mind. Then the usual stuff: ink it, scan it, deliver it.


3. Walk us through the design process for the shirt you made for Beautiful/Decay.

It was really nice to do the BD artwork, in this case I started playing with different ideas, the duality on the name lead me to the idea of a radical mixing of elements to achieve something new, but that still looked really familiar to anyone. I’m really happy with the result is really awesome, I hope people enjoy it.



4. Advice for any designers, artists trying to get their work seen?

Work hard, believe in what you are doing, and embrace the opportunities that technologies are offering right now.


5. Some of your favorite other artists, or influences?

If you are ever gonna hold a pencil in your hand, be sure to check the art of (in no particular order): Jim Phillips, Charles Burns, Alex Toth, Brian Ewing, Jack Kirby, V.C. Johnson, Marc Mckee, Coop, Shepard Fairey, Todd McFarlane, Peter Bagge, Lucas Varela, J. Romita Senior & Jr, Grotesk, Daniel Clowes, Steve Ditko, Jamie Hewlett, Mike Giant, Will Sweeney, Ed Repka, Michael Kupperman, Godmachine, Robert Crumb, Jim Blanchard, LamourSupreme, Ray Frenden, Johnny Ryan, Jack Davis, Robert Williams, Brian Bolland, Joe Madureira, Mike Allred, and maybe few more. I’m not sure if that’s a list of inspiration or envy, haha!

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