Would you buy this milk?

Milk carton

Clean, beautiful, and informative packaging design by Audree rethinks those nutritional figures we always take for granted. If everything we ate had this sort of packaging, would we still be eating it? Is ignorance bliss??

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  • Yes, but…

    It’s a great clean and minimal design, which I appreciate. However, for me, I don’t know if it presents the dietary info in a better way than would would be given if it was a text only presentation. There would still be room for style and good taste, I think. A little clean sans serif font with some geometric design?

    Now, the big question is, would it translate into across the board demographic appeal that would entice the average (and I do mean AVERAGE) consumer into buying it? Maybe/probably not? Average tastes like simple and familiar. Maybe in 20 years.

    For now give them a smiling cow or sun…a picture of a farm. Cute, soft fonts. Going hand drawn/cartoonish might do that in a more successful yet still smart way?

    Or, the minimalist representational use of basic shapes to portray the subject matter at hand, such as that of Exergian Studio’s does recent minimalist tv show posters, that might be a better suit?

    This looks like milk for astronauts or the Pentagon, not civilians. Besides, milk is for babies, not adults.

    Anyways, that’s my $.02

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  • Amir

    if this was soy milk i’d buy it.

  • Amir

    It’s kind of sad that we have to dumb down our packaging for the Average joe. What about the not so average josephs?

  • ikea

    no one one will read this, but i wouldn’t buy this milk. this kind of design is too sterile for something like milk. this stuff just caters to pseudo-designers that think anything with 2 colors and helvetica is good design and “above” the average person’s “inferior” taste.