Is the Imagination more Active in Darkness than Light?

Alexander Brodsky, "Settlement"

Alexander Brodsky, "Settlement"

Kant, in “The End of All Things,” suggested that the imagination is more active in the dark than in the light. The current exhibition at Matthew Bown gallery explores this concept for its current group exhibition. Taking its title from Baudelaire’s description of his Creole lover, “noire et pourtant lumineuse,” (black and yet luminous), Matthew Bown literally “turns the lights off” in the gallery, shrouding it in total darkness, to present a group of artists who explore concepts of lightness/darkness within their work. Alexander Brodsky, above, creates an organ griding machine that plays the Beatles, and encases a lit-up city in the murky depths of an tank aquarium tank. Gunda Forster’s work consists of  a wedge of intensely bright light, shining through a crack between the door and the floor- referencing the great divine mystery of that which lies beyond. The exhibition runs until May 25 in Berlin.


Alexander Brodsky, "Settlement" (detail)


Gunda Forster, "Light Slit"


Katie Paterson, "Lightbulb to simulate moonlight"


Anina Brisolla, "Mall"

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