Insane Clown Posse’s Miracle…could be a miracle?

Hm, I almost have no words for the demon-clown-spawn’s new video for the song “Miracles” off their latest album. In the vid, the group ponders the simple joys and inexplicable curiosities of life’s treasure trove…lay down their horrorcore antics, and just float through cheesy galactic space, lyrics, and “fucking rainbows.” SNL made their tribute of course, after the jump.

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  • lol wut?

  • oh my god, i was so obsessed with these guys during my goth / anarchist / freak stage circa 12 years old

  • the circle of gimmicks is completed …hahaha

  • DHM

    pretty wack song, kindergarden rhymes with no flow what so ever! next.

  • “fucking magnets how do they work” that was real like talking from the heart ICP they keep it real dawg