David Jien

DSCN1924 Artist David Jien showed up to the B/D office last week to show off some of his new work, and to have a chat about his new book.

Pictures don’t do his work justice. The detail and pencil work in these prints are far beyond imaginable. Each line and dot is all done by hand with pencil. One of his works even was screenprinted with such detail, only someone like David could have accomplished it. Being able to see this work first hand was a great experience.

DSCN1927 DSCN1929 DSCN1926

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  • Justin

    Looks great but REALLY hard for me to not see this as a bite of Paul Noble…

  • Amazing, love his illustrations!

    Daniel, Venom Palette

  • R

    is the son of Paul Noble?

  • Grunge

    Not like Noble at all really and coming from a different place entirely. Why is it that people are such idiots. If you want to comment about the work the easiest thing to do is to dismiss it by comparing it to another more famous artist. Look at the work and say something intelligent instead of being another unoriginal cop out!

  • Barb

    This are SUCH rip offs of Paul Noble. Even the god damned compositions are exact. That’s very very very annoying. Anyone who is trying to say they aren’t too heavily derivative is completely blind or insane. Examples:



  • Yeti

    These works were created when Jien was still a student and of course they owe a debt to Paul Noble. That is what students do, they learn from the masters. Take a look at David’s new work and you will find that he has moved away from Noble’s influence and found a far more original voice. Either way, why be so upset about it? Go create something original yourself.